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Green Mountain Falls, Colorado
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Grandparents Owned Falls Motel

Kristian in Luxemborg recalls vacationing annually as a child in Green Mountain Falls to see her grandparents who owned the Falls Motel ... Read More

Gazebo Lake Gazebo Lake
A new photo of Gazebo Lake taken on a sunny early November day. I had some spare time before venturing up the Pikes Peak Highway ... View Photo

Waldo Canyon Loop Trail Waldo Canyon
The Waldo Canyon Trail is a popular nearby with plenty of scenery, including view of Pikes Peak, Williams Canyon and the Ute Pass region ... View Photos

Historic Green Mtn. Falls Photos
Historic Green Mountain Falls J. Davis Spencer grew up in Green Mountains Falls in the 1950's and offer photos from his grandfather's generation in the early 1900's ... View Pictures

Lynn's Two GMF Photos
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Lynn in Kansas submitted two photos of Green Mountain Falls and has been visiting during the summer time for much of her life ... View Pictures

Walk Around Gazebo Lake
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Spring is in the air! Enjoy photos from a walk around Gazebo Lake in Green Mountain Falls ... View Pictures

The View Across The Highway
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Across the highway at the Children's Ark main building, I took two photos of the mountain views behind Green Mountain Falls ... View Pictures

Belivdere Avenue Scenery
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Scenic photos along Belvidere Avenue in Green Mountain Falls, including a nice-looking house for sale ... View Pictures

Bike Ride To Manitou Lake
Colorado A roundtrip bike ride from Cascade to Manitou Lake turns into a great opportunity to photograph Colorado's mountain scenery around Ute Pass ... View Pictures

Buildings Around Town
Enjoy this picture Colorado collection of some well-known buildings around town in Green Mountain Falls ... View Pictures

Green Mtn. Falls Neighborhood
Green Mountain Falls has many Colorado hidden and scenic views of nature's mountain splendor. These pictures are from Colorado Street and ... View Pictures

Our Beloved Gazebo!
The most popular landmark in our town Green Mountain Falls Gazebo is undoubtedly the gazebo in downtown Green Mountain Falls. Many have their weddings there, go fishing, picnic or just visit for some "peaceful time" ... View Pictures

Local Mountain Scenery
Colorado Pictures Enjoy the latest photos of Green Mountain Falls scenery. Fountain Creek, Pikes Peak and the southern mountain ... View Pictures

Waldo Canyon Loop Trail
The Waldo Canyon Loop Trail is Waldo Canyon Trail located in close proximity to Green Mountain Falls. The 7-mile loop trail offers great views of Pikes Peak ... View Pictures

Pikes Peak Highway
If you live in Green Mountain Falls and frequently host out-of-town visitors, then you've probably traveled up the Pikes Peak Highway frequently ... View Pictures '

Hike The Catamount Trail
A popular hike among Green Mountain Falls locals is the Catamount Trail. Walk up Hondo Avenue to the very end. At the waterfall, ... View Pictures

More Photos Around Town
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado The newest picture collection includes Gazebo Lake, the Falls Motel and the Crystola Bar & Grill ... View Pictures

Church In The Wildwood
The historic Church In The Wildwood was founded in 1889 and is a well-known historic landmark in the town center of Green Mountain Falls. Enjoy these pictures ... View Pictures

Stones, Bones and Wood!
Stones, Bones and Wood is a modern trading post and art consignment shop offering handmade jewelry, fine art, gemstones, woodwork and more. Located next to The Pantry ... View Pictures

Austin The Chiropractor
Chiropractic Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio is located in Cascade and Austin Deimold, DC really helped out this webmaster. He's a professional GMF can be proud of ... View Pictures

Rampart Range Road
The Pikes Peak region has definitely grown, Rampart Range Road but Rampart Range Road is still one of the best kept secrets for enjoying some scenery, solitude and testing out that new Jeep of yours ... View Pictures

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  • Welcome to Green Mountain Falls

    Green Mountain Falls, Colorado
    Green Mountain is dedicated to promoting this great little town on the side of Pikes Peak. An excellent place to live and raise a family, Green Mountain Falls is a small mountain town and that is close enough to attractions and job market of Colorado Springs. Visitors have known Green Mountain Falls as a fantastic destination for a long time - an excellent choice for seekers of a wonderful mountain vacation.

    Discuss the very best hikes and restaurants, share about recent Colorado roadtrips or adventures you've enjoyed, or answer questions newcomers may have about Green Mountain Falls. If you love Green Mountain Falls, you've come to the right place! Be sure to visit the discussion forum.

    Colorado Webcam

    This is the webcam of a backyard in Buena Vista, Colorado. It faces west toward the Sawatch Range Visit this page directly here: Colorado Webcam.

    Green Mountain Falls Photo Gallery

    Growing Up In Green Mountain Falls

    Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

    Bobby Jackson grew up in Green Mountain Falls and is currently stationed in Oklahoma. He submitted the photo above with some heartfelt reflections on how much he misses the town he grew up in.

    You can read Bobby's writings and view the photo at a larger size here: Growing Up In Green Mountain Falls.

    Kermit The Frog Mountain

    Ute Pass, Colorado

    Look... It's Kermit The Frog Mountain! Do you see Kermit? You can't miss it as you're driving westbound on State Highway 24. Kermit is laying on his back with his head to the left and his big stomach to the right. Hee hee! We are not sure what the official name is of this mountain, but if you're a local ... ;) You can a larger photo here.

    Scenic Wilkerson Pass

    Wilkerson Pass

    I took this picture a few years ago on a wintery day at the Wilkerson Pass summit. The day before, there had been a snowstorm and the sun highlighted the "white blanket" of snow almost perfectly! (Click this link to see a larger photo.)

    Way out in the distance are 14ers Mt. Shavano & Tabeugauche Peak, Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton. The land in the more immediately foreground is known as South Park, a vast and rural region of Park County that sits over 8,500+ feet as a large desert-like plateau. The "V" shaped dipped in the purple mountains all the way to the right is the Trout Creek Pass summit.

    Green Mountain Falls Gazebo

    Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

    The Green Mountain Falls gazebo. Photo taken July 7, 2006.

    Beautiful Green Mountain Falls

    Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

    It was yet another fairly warm day today on March 1, 2006! Here's one photo taken inside the town center. Click here to see a larger photo.

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