SNOWY COLORADO! (The Mountainous View Looking West From Wilkerson Pass)

Snow in Colorado

I took this picture a few years ago on a wintery day at the Wilkerson Pass summit. The day before, there had been a snowstorm and the sun highlighted the "white blanket" of snow almost perfectly! (Click the picture for a larger zoom-in.)

Way out in the distance are 14ers Mt. Shavano & Tabeugauche Peak, Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton. The land in the more immediately foreground is known as South Park, a vast and rural region of Park County that sits over 8,500+ feet as a large desert-like plateau. The "V" shaped dipped in the purple mountains all the way to the right is the Trout Creek Pass summit.

-This picture was contributed by Steve Garufi. His web site is:

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