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THE PIKES PEAK HIGHWAY! (Green Mountain Falls' Backyard Attraction)

Pikes Peak Pikes Peak! If you live in Green Mountain Falls and host lots of out-of-town visitors, you have probably traveled up the Pikes Peak Highway frequently. How understandable!

The scenery throughout the 18-mile fully maintained highway is always entertaining, as the road goes through numerous altitude zones while reaching 14,110 feet above sea level. On the way down, all vehicles have their brakes checked for overheating, but do not let that worry you. If you are safe driver with a good set of breaks on your car, you'll likely not have any problems. Just be sure to drive in a very low gear!

I included a few more Pikes Peak photos below. Also, check out the Pikes Peak web cam if you live out of town.

UPDATE FROM WEBMASTER: I recent visited Pikes Peak via the Pikes Peak Highway in November 2007. You can see those photos on my personal web site here or by simply clicking the large photo directly below ...

Pikes Peak Highway

Traveling to the Pikes Peak summit is a "must see" attraction if you're in the Colorado Springs region.
A photo of Pikes Peak at the first rest area, approximately four to five miles into the highway.
Above timberline.
Two of the webmaster's good friends, standing at the Pikes Peak summit post.
Be sure to bring some winter gear (or at least a jacket!), even during the summer months. It can get mighty cold at 14,000+ above sea level!

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