GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS PICTURES! (Scenery at Colorado Street & Illinois Avenue)

Green Mountain Falls, ColoradoI have been getting into this habit lately with my digital camera: I drive to an interesting neighborhood or spot, and I take as many pictures of the scenery to give the viewer the "flavor" of the area.

This morning I drove uphill to the junction of Colorado Street and Illinois Avenue on the southern side of Green Mountain Falls. It was actually a fairly nice and sunny day for January standards, and even though the lighting was not the greatest from a photographic standpoint, I trust you'll enjoy the pictures! :)

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Colorado Street & Illinois Avenue (Green Mountain Falls, Colorado)
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado The street sign! ;)
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Looking downhill, towards the mountains on the north side of Ute Pass.
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Looking south. The crevace to the left is where the Catamount Falls and Catamount Trail is located.
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado I zoomed-in on the forest! :)
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado While you're hear, check out a scenic picture taken from Wilkerson Pass.
Colorado An attractive cabin.

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