COLD WEDDING AT THE GAZEBO! (A Green Mountain Falls Memory)

Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

I have only attended one wedding ceremony at the Gazebo in Green Mountain Falls, and I remember the date: September 30, 2000. My good friends Mike and Rain tied the knot and we had a really nice post-wedding celebration down at the Manitou Springs City Hall banquet room.

Anyway, the memory that is forever-etched in my mind was how cold it was for September 30. Sure, anything can happen in Colorado, but the weather was so terrible for a wedding it was sort of hilarious! A freezing cold sleet was coming down and the wind was howling like you wouldn't believe, and I just remember shivering under the gazebo hoping the ceremony would be a quick one. Fortunately, it was! I am also pleased to say that Mike and Rain are still doing well and are happily married today. ;)

-Steve in Colorado

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