Green Mountain Falls, Colorado


Green Mountain Falls MemoryMy husband and his family used to vacation in Green Mountain Falls (from Kansas) ever summer when he was little. His mom also did when she was little and the family had a cabin. When my husband and his brother got to be teenagers they started getting tired of taking the same vacation every year and the family decided to sell the cabin. As the boys grew up, I think they started to regret that decision, I know they do now.

My husband took me to Green Mountain Falls one summer when we were dating and we were able to stay at the same cabin. The new owners let us stay there.

It was so fun to reminisce with him and see all his old hang outs and have the stories from his childhood come alive. The hiking, the fishing, the town itself is so relaxing and such a great place to have a vacation. The best part about it is how undiscovered it is. We both love it there and decided to go back for our honeymoon in August 2005!

-Erin S. in Kansas
(Written Summer 2006)

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