WORKING AT THE SANTA'S NORTH POLE! (Dianna Worked As "Hiawatha")

Green Mountain Falls MemoryThis photo was taken in the early to mid-1990's.

The North Pole, Colorado actually has its own post office that postmarks mail sent from there with a postmark saying 'North Pole, Colorado'. One shop is the Candy Shop ... they make the best homemade fudge ever! My favorite was the chocolate-cherry ... ooohhhhhhh gooooood! They have a variety of little shops to delight the young and old alike. There are also a variety of rides for the children.

The shop that I was in charge of was the Tepee. The shop is actually in the shape of an Indian Tepee. There are all sorts of real and replica American Indian articles in the shop. A few of the many items inside the little Tepee shop are: t-shirts, Native American rugs and throws, jewelry (authentic jewelry made by North American Indians, as well as replica jewelry), Indian toys for the children, home decorations in the Southwestern style, etc.

The North Pole has many reindeer on the property, what a treat for everyone! You may purchase reindeer food to feed them! Very Happy I can remember on rainy days when the park wasn't filled with people, the reindeer would actually come into the Tepee and that was such a thrill for me! By doing so, they would keep me company! It was great. I got quite attached to them ... of course Santa is pretty neat too! :)

I lived in Colorado Springs at the time, so early each morning I would drive up Ute Pass to go to work at the North Pole (if you could call it work) and on the drive would see many white tail deer on the Pass on the way ... which was also a treat for me!

I really miss the North Pole...."Santa, can I please come home?"

Signed ... Hiawatha (a.k.a Dianna in San Antonio, Texas)

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