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Grandparents Owned Falls Motel In 1970's and 1980's

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March 2009 - I was happy to stumble upon your website! My grandparents, Gene and Alberta Conway, used to own and run the Falls Motel in the 70's and 80's. My family traveled to Colorado every summer to visit them and stay at the motel. This photo is from 1973, I think. My grandparents stand with me and my little brother in this photo, and I wanted to include it on your website in case anyone knew them. I love the "9 Channel TV" on CableVision sign on the wall!

One of my favorite memories of our trips there, besides playing hide and seek around the gazebo, was the tiny but proud fireworks display on the 4th of July. Perhaps some day I will have the great good fortune to visit Green Mountain Falls again.

Thanks so much,

Kristina Mascher

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