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Summer Vacation Rentals in Green Mountain Falls

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Wild Rose

Joined: 17 Jan 2010
Posts: 8
Location: Green Mountain Falls

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 5:44 pm    Post subject: Summer Vacation Rentals in Green Mountain Falls Reply with quote

The town of Green Mountain Falls allows people who do not even live in GMF to rent out cabins over the Internet in a residential area without requiring the owners or any type of staff over site present. The owners are also not required to inform renters about fire bans, fire safety and allow dogs to run loose. They have even encouraged renters to allow their dogs to run loose. People from these cabins often trespass onto private property just looking around or cutting through property while walking. I have experienced this for many years while having a daily rental cabin property across from me and now have another daily rental cabin property running along side of and in back of my home. People renting this cabin can look into our kitchen, den and park 5 feet away from back yard patio. The property line is less than a few feet from our bathroom and bedroom windows.

I have lived in GMF for more than half of my life. It was indeed a very close knit, quiet and private community where everyone knew each other and cared about their neighbors. No one was loud, racing down the street constantly, or so invasive as in putting in a daily rental cabin buiness next to your home. Now it seems there is a new agenda for the town, to bring in more tourists and commercialism/businesses, regardless of how it effects residents or what is done to our community to make it happen. It is happening fast, invading and the town now has changed into a tourist trap. I very am surprised at what the town is doing and allowing to happen to its residents by allowing Internet businesses operating next to their residence and lack of safety they bring.

This is like living in a motel zone only worse since it is Internet based rentals and does not require anyone on site.

The noise level, constant traffic, trespassing, privacy, and safety issues effect private residences next to daily rentals. I am shocked neighbors are buying into the tourism business in such a way as to totally invade private residences just to make a buck.

In my experience, GMF is now totally more focused on businesses rather than residents at this point. Crime, noise, traffic, loose dogs, trespassing, is replacing the quiet peacefulness and warmth of our mountain which generations have enjoyed. Green Mountain Falls is no longer the town which warmed so many hearts, but now is a tourist trap and becoming over crowed with more building and more road signs than anyone can even count. My home has had stereo construction for almost a year. What has been our life's home is now surrounded by people renting houses for a few days over the Internet. We no longer know our neighbors as they are just people here for a few days, and do not even realize or recognize this is a residential area. I am not sure Internet daily rental businesses like this would be allowed in residential areas anywhere else in El Paso County.

People who have rentals bill their rentals as in a wonderful quiet town, they should try living here and seeing what they have done, it's only quiet when no one is in the rental cabins. It is a sad loss, epically to those who actually live here or have been coming to family cabins for decades and loved the quite, peacefulness and residents of our town. All this because of people who do not even live here wanting to make money destroying the very thing they promote to bring people here.

I have not lived anywhere in my life where I did not know my neighbors, now I have new ones every few days. I also have not lived anywhere in my life where I have had to notify authorities regarding my neighbors, that's changed too. Does one allow businesses to destroy their home or do what they hate to do and call authorities on their neighbors? I was taught to be a good neighbor by folks who were the best, and a good neighbor does not call authorities on their neighbors do they? But what if they totally disregard this is your home? Do other residents want this done to their homes also?
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Joined: 07 May 2007
Posts: 16
Location: Colorado Springs

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:30 pm    Post subject: Green Mountain Falls Guests Reply with quote

Dear Mountain Rose/Joe,

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with visitors to our small mountain town. It's disappointing that some visitors, cabin rental owners, and year around residents our aren't able to make this situation work for everyone. I'm sorry you have concerns about our cabin other cabins that provided you complete privacy when they vacant cabins, but interupt your peacefullness they have guests that stay three to seven days. I also have to also learn how to get along with neighbors and deal with thier behaviors that don't confirm to my ideals.

I have taken the opportunity to get to know many of the visitors to our small mountain town and our cabin. The GMF guests appreciate what our town has to offer and are respectfull people, no different than many GMF folks. They appreciate the great hospitality that GMF residents offer.

It takes money to keep our community operating. The guests to our town help keep the town vibrant and financially sound. The property taxes that summer rental cabins pay are over two times higher than what an owner occupied home pays (we pay $1,200/year for a 400SF cabin). The vacation rental properties also pay lodging taxes. Our cabin guests spend money eating at the Mucky Duck, Pantry, Blue Moose, and the Black Bear. Green Mountain Falls has always been a vacation destination and summer home destination. My wife and I appreciate that GMF allows us to share what our town and cabin has to offer. We keep our rates affordable so that folks on a limited income are able to experience what many love about our town. We inform our guests about trash, bears, ..., and respecting their neighbors. The money we make off the cabin helps us keep up with the maintenance, utilities., and other expenses. My wife and I enjoy using some of the money we make to enjoy a pizza, drinks, and hanging out with the local at the Blue Moose, eating our favorite chicken fried steak, country patatoes, and cinamin rainsin toast at the Pantry, an occasional celebration meal at Vitor Mathew's Black Bear, or grabbing a drink at the liquor store to enjoy on our deck. We have also contributed to fund raisers to improve the town. More than anything my wife and I enjoy helping provide a place where our guests are able to create lasting memories. I appreciate the time that our town leaders put into making the town even better. They have a tough job with such a diverse community and limited finances.

GMF has always been a vacation destination. Many of our guests tell us stories about how they visited GMF when they were kids and wanted to come back again. We have honeymooners, school teachers, stressed out city works needing to a quite getaway, hikers, Texans escaping the heat...

Luckily for those who like the quiet and solitude in GMF, the tourist season only lasts six months. I love how every season offers something different to our town. I also love the diversity, including all our neighbors.

What's great about America is that we're a free country you can choose to to live wherever you want that will make you happier. We have a choice over happiness. Other can make some people some of the some of the time, but not all people happy all the time.

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Wild Rose

Joined: 17 Jan 2010
Posts: 8
Location: Green Mountain Falls

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:03 pm    Post subject: Summer Vacation Rentals in Green Mountain Falls, Co Reply with quote

Just to let you know Vince, Green Mountain Falls is a residential area (not just a vacation spot) and longtime home to many people who have loved it enough to have built their lives here. Some people who have never actually lived here do not see or understand this, nor what was the beauty of living here. Other than your Mariposa daily rental cabin, I have not had bad experiences with vacationers coming to the town where I live except for ongoing trespassing issues. Yes, you have created lasting memories, including for me by your reaction when I mentioned to you that the town has a dog leash law when you first purchased and established your daily rental business.

Regardless of whom it was sitting and drinking on the deck of the summer home next to your daily rental business, the owners of that home said there was not anyone supposed to be anyone there and it was the owners who decided the police should be called. It is not my house, thus it was their decision alone. Just an example of the invasion of private residences that is commonplace in our community now. Have you contacted property owners for permission any of the times you have been on the private properties here.

In a public forum you are alluding to my entering someone's home without the owner's permission (even after I mentioned to you at the time I had talked with them regarding the fire evacuation) why you did not contact anyone regarding this, what does that tell me about your true motivation for this reply? It's too bad this community has come to this in addition to the things going on with the town council conflicts, the police department issues, etc.

Regarding your dog, when the summer cabins are empty in the spring and fall, you allowed him loose most times you were here working at your Mariposa vacation rental house ever since you purchased the house over ten years ago. Because of your reaction when I mentioned there was a town leash law, I never mentioned it again and avoid you as much as possible. I will leave it at that. Your daily rental house is more of a disturbance than you know. Your dog was more than a minor nuisance when he has scared guests at my home and had come into my home when the front door was left open on warmer days, and would run up to me at night when walking from the car to the house. Other residents and I saw your dog running loose through yards often. Did you have permission all those times you were playing fetch with him private property when owners were not here? You stated I had a right to call the Sheriff "all those times Ruby was loose". I called the Marshall one time about loose dogs and that was after the people renting your Mariposa cabin told me they were encouraged to let their pit bull run loose. After the first complaint, a resident has to sign a formal complaint; you have no such document (at least not signed by me). It would have been other residents who called as you said "all those times" he was loose. I do know other residents have seen your dog in their yards, the last time someone saw it that I know about was around last Easter when they mentioned it to me. I surely hope you do not allow your new dog to run loose, do you allow your dogs to run loose in the residential area where you live in Colorado Springs? Please consider this a residential area too in all respects.

I have asked each neighbor here if they have heard my dog barking and all have said they do not. We have heard dogs left all day inside your rental unit barking when the renters leave them alone inside. I take my dog inside the house with me at night and have for many years now. The cat you are talking about died ten years ago Vince and I only saw her at your rental house across the street one time. I would never ever let my cat out when you are here, I would not trust a dog running loose around a cat. When I realized you were never going to stop allowing your dog run loose I never let her outside again when you were here.

No I do not believe in bashing my neighbors, many of my neighbors and I have been very close over the 30 years I have lived here. Do you consider yourself a neighbor if you have never lived here? Nor do I believe in bashing people who vacation here, I've enjoyed meeting people from many states and most are friendly. This forum also is to discuss local issues (see topic heading) and I asked a general question to residents about daily rental cabins. I believe you made into bashing by adding names. No resident wants what is happening to this town, dogs allowed to run loose, trespassing. etc.

However, some people who do not live here do not realize this is (or was) a very close-knit residential community where people know each other well, more so than a tourist destination. If you actually ever lived here you would see some very sad, harmful and unhealthy things happening in this community. Many summer residents, town staff, town council, and the new Concerned Citizens of Green Mountain Falls (CCGMF) group, are attempting to help make changes for the betterment and safety of this community. The worst of it for me personally, is the internet based daily rental houses around my home. People from these can be loud, trespass, have stared at me through my window, allow their dogs to run loose, race down the road backing out, disregard fire bans, constantly slam doors while packing and unpacking cars, honk horns unnecessarily, have fights in the road in the middle of the night, and have even woken me up yelling obscenities early in the morning and do not even see or consider this as a residential area. I read in the census that now our town has a higher crime rate than Woodland Park, something I never would have believed until now. Previously, I have never called the police about anything in my life. How do you think I feel about having to call them regarding these daily rental houses by my home? I do not know about you or where you live, but this was not the type of community where you have to call the police, though that has changed now. See this from my perspective and that this is my home, it is where I have lived for more than half of my life. This is my only home, it is not a vacation home or a seasonal thing for me, nor is it a business for me.

Oh, during the Waldo Canyon fire evacuation I tried to turn off the gas as instructed to do during the fire evacuation training given by the town's fire department years ago. You never said it should not be done when you offered to help me do this because I was not strong enough to turn the cut off valve. If as you say, you keep an eye out on the house next to your daily rental house and you are truthful about your concern with my taking the pictures the owners had requested me to take during that evacuation, why did you not contact the owners and ask at the time. I had the key; I did not break into the house.
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