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Cafe Of Life Chiropractic Studio - Serving The Ute Pass Region

A Modest Write-Up About How Cafe Of Life Chiropractic Helped This Webmaster ...
Chiropractic Austin Deimold, DC of Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio is serving the Ute Pass region with quality chiropractic care at 8025 W. Highway 24 in the old Midland building. (Just east of The Wines of Colorado Restaurant)

I, the webmaster of this web site, have greatly benefited from Austin's services and to be blunt - More people should know about his business! In short, I had some significant lower back problems that I had long neglected, and only after "the bomb dropped" with my back and I could barely stand up, a friend referred me to Cafe of Life. Austin helped me understand the life process of how the spine and nervous system works, and how interferences (i.e. known as "subluxations") down my spinal cord were seeming to cause all sorts of problems with my back, neck, posture and overall health. If you have ever considered seeking or learning more about chiropractic care, I highly suggest visiting Austin.

And be sure to check out the latest fish he has in the huge fish tanks in his office! ;)
Chiropractic Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio
8025 W. Highway 24
Cascade, CO 80809
Ph: (719) 302-2435

Taken straight from a Cafe Of Life pamphlet ...

"From newborns to great grandparents, anyone can benefit from teh Cafe of Life experience. You may be seeking a greater expression of your own inner potential, better health physiologically as well as core healing, wellness and well-being. Whether in pain, ill or affected by a disease, you are welcome!"

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