Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

COLORADO SCENERY! (Bike Ride Through Green Mountain Falls To Manitou Lake)
April 2005

Pikes PeakLast year I did an scenic roundtrip bicycle ride from Cascade to Manitou Lake, and since I had a couple of photos of the mountains around Green Mountain Falls, I thought it might be an interesting page for this site.

I actually started in Cascade and peddled uphill through Chipita Park and Green Mountain Falls. Once on Highway 24 heading westbound, I trekked uphill to Highway 67 which, just north of town, is the site of the divide between the Arkansas River & Platte River watersheds. From there, it is a swift seven or eight miles downhill to Manitou Lake, followed by (you guessed it!) quite a seven to eight mile grunt back uphill. Of course, once I reached Woodland Park again, it was a quite enjoyable downhill ride eastbound on Highway 24. :)

All I will say is, road biking in Colorado is rarely boring! ;)

These pictures were submitted by Steve in Buena Vista. His web site is:

Colorado Scenery From Ute Pass To Manitou Lake ...
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Heading uphill (west) on Ute Pass Mountain Road, I photographed the baseball field. This spot is actually in Chipita Park, an unincorporated area outside of the Green Mountain Falls town line.
Green Mountain Falls, Colorado From near the same spot above, looking back, the view of the mountains. It's such a shame those darn powerlines are in the way as they were at Aspen Street and Spruce Avenue.
Green Mountain Falls Gazebo Ah, the good ol' Green Mountain Falls gazebo! Notice the duck in the bottom left part of the picture.
Pikes Peak Arriving in Woodland Park, here's the view of Pikes Peak's northern face.
Manitou Lake Ah, it was so nice to make it to Manitou Lake in far northeastern Teller County. I was halfway done with my ride at that point.
I love these types of uncommon signs! :)

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